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Marijuana              Reply to this Comment
My boyfriend is the father of my 4 children. I have tried to get him to quit smoking but nothing i have done seems to make him want to stop. I have even kept the kids from him doesnt seem to help he will stop for awhile then start back up. Does anybody have any suggestions?

shopping addiction              Reply to this Comment
i suffered and still suffer from shopping addiction. at this point i am now bankrupt even though i made good money. it is a daily struggle that i have to live with. had i not had this affliction, i would have a decent house with a small mortgage as well as a substantial amount of money in a retirement account.

live              Reply to this Comment
you should live life to the fullest and apperciate what you have.

Marijuana Addiction              Reply to this Comment
I'm gladly addicte dto this wonderful drug

Marijuana Addiction              Reply to this Comment
I'm gladly addicte dto this wonderful drug

marijuana addiction              Reply to this Comment
Chris, I face the same problem with my husband. Most people don't want to hear this but the thing that gets me through is God. I have been married 17 years to an addict. I don't think that you should keep the kids away from him as long as you trust him to be responsible with them. If he can't go without MJ for the time he spends with them make sure they are supervised.

addiction              Reply to this Comment
whoever said MJ is not addicting is wrong. My mom and step dad say they just want the best for me. Ive been caught already once in december of 04 and then again today january of 06. I told my mom that i just liked the feeling i get when i do it with all my friends. But when i read all the problems people have with this drug and many other drugs it makes me stop and think how caring and loving my parents really are!

marijuana              Reply to this Comment
Weed never did nuttin wrong to nobody.....expect 4 the fact that i am highly addicted to it, and i cant go a full day w/o smokin it. Weed is a bonding drug. A plant, that god made for us to enjoy. So Everyone Just Enjoy! :)

marijuana addiction              Reply to this Comment
I smoked for 22 years and my addiction got progressively worse. It got to the point where I was stoned all of my waking hours even though I really wanted to stop. I finally went to AA and got sober-its been 64 days now, and the obsession has lifted. 12 steps is the answer and sobriety is the best thing I've ever done. The problem wasn't the weed; it was me.

Im a tree smoker              Reply to this Comment
Im 27.. Im addicted.. but its the same thing as being addicted to ciggarettes. (withdrawl symptoms are relative to one another) Plants are not drugs! gYpsYinTransiT

mary J              Reply to this Comment
im addicted to marjuana...i just do it to have a good time...and i love it

Abuse Issues              Reply to this Comment
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I NEED HELP              Reply to this Comment
OH GOD I NEED HGELP, I SMOKE 5 GRAMS A DAY, I CAN't STOP. I've got a bong on my lap right now.HELP

Thanks              Reply to this Comment
I really like this web site. I was at NorthWestern Institute in Fort Washington,PA & thanks to all the help I received in the different units I was on I am co-dependent no more, so I am getting out of an unhealthy marriage as soon as I receive housing assistance. Also, I have stayed on my medications & work with my doctors. Today I have 12+ yrs.clean & sober & I have not been hospitalized since I was in Northwestern about 10 yrs ago.

Weed is a choice...              Reply to this Comment
Weed at first started for me as just something to do to pass time with friends. Now its all I really do 80% of the day. When I smoke I feel know pain and my worries are pretty much oblivious. I'm not against weed at all, but I am addicted. I really want to take a break, but I usually end up going back. As of right now, I'm in high school and I've been missing a lot of school just to get high. If your going to smoke, you got to be responsible, or your just going to screw yourself over. I know I'm going to have to cut down cause its just not the same anymore.

My daughter is a heroin addict...              Reply to this Comment
What can I do after she's been in detox 3 times. I've detoxed her 2 times. She's been in rehab 3 times with 1 complete session. I've read about saboxone, sebutex, and another opiate blocker which melts under your tongue. She agrees to do this along with counceling and meetings. How do we go about it???? I'm so afraid for her. She is only 19 years old and we've been going through this for 2 years. I'm at a loss.

it helped              Reply to this Comment
i went to the norfolk regional center 2 yrs ago for cocaine addiction.i use to be really bad on drugs and not doing so good in life .i went to norfolk regional center and was ammitted for 9 months.it did me so good i dont use any more .if u feel u need help for a addiction please try to get help . it made me feel so good getting the help i need and not doing drugs no more.i wanna say thanks so much to the norfolk regional center in nebraska .you really are great people and it was appericiated on the help you gave me .god bless u all.

A Mom that loves her son              Reply to this Comment
I just checked my 15 1/2 yr. old son in to treatment for marijuana addiction. The courts forced me to put him in treatment. I am from the day when no one was hooked on pot. Pot was not addicting to my knowledge. I've seen my son go from a straight A student to straight F's and depressed because of his chronic pot smoking. He's been clean for 40 days today and is no longer depressed. His treatment is just a formality. It took getting arrested and drug tests 3 x a week through drug court to stop him. I have high hopes that his stay in recovery will give him time to reflect and see that no drug is worth the heartache and inconvenience that getting caught has caused. So Lyric, be careful and don't just cut down....quit !!!! It's not that hard...you can do it.

comment/heroin              Reply to this Comment
cindy,you can't blame yourself.It is totally up to your daughter,does she really want it,if she does there is no stopping her on a road to recovery.I have been shooting dope for over 10 yrs.The only thing to keep me clean was a desire to do so.The second my faith in sobriety failed I was off to the junk.She will have to have a life long commitment to sobriety,addiction lay in wait forever.You never graduate,take it one day at a time.Subutex is a great start,meth is too addictive.Your daughter also has a loving family,don't give up.


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