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nice.              Reply to this Comment
Everyone in here is retarted.... Execpt thoose of you that know that this plant is the best part of the planet Earth.

Weed              Reply to this Comment
I love weed and i cant stop and not planning to stop smoking.Soo if you got a problem with it you can suck my dick.:]

Loss of Social Interaction              Reply to this Comment
I think the hardest part about not using marijuana is the loss of social interaction. I had a group of about 5 or 6 friends we used to sit around play guitar and smoke pot, but it seems like when i stopped smoking i stopped seeing them. With drugs it seems friends come and go pretty fast.

heroin detox              Reply to this Comment
from what I am reading, and from what I have just experienced this past 1 1/2 yrs with my niece, it appears like it is almost impossible for these users to get off of herion, and it seems like they all develope the same traits, lieing, stealing, losing everything, my niece lost everything!!!sheis 29, married, with a baby, of course the husband has the baby now, because they are going through a divorce, she does not even have a checking account any longer, and all her jewlery is gone, the girl is down to skin, and bones, this is the saddest thing I have ever gone through in my life, I am afraid this girl is going to die, we had an intervention last week, she has been in detox now for 5 days, and is releasing herself in 2 more days, she thinks she has satisfied us, she will not go into a rehab, so what do we do? sit back, and watch, and wait for her to start using again? actually we cannot watch, because she pushes us all out of her life, she will cause what ever turmoil between family members as well, anything to make everyone go-away, this addiction all started from percocets, to oxycontin, than to cocaine, than to heroin, and cocaine, I am praying she sticks to not using, but I think it is safe to say if she does not go into a in patient program, immediately, we are fighting a losing battle, she has caused so much pain in our family, literally has stopped our life's, rightnow I am working on detaching from her, how much pain can a family take?

marajuana              Reply to this Comment
i hate weed. my boyfriend smokes it and i hate it. i wish there was no such thing. everyone needs to be smart and just quit. its a waste of money and waste of time. and its also not worth ending a relationship over.

i love him              Reply to this Comment
what i mean by ending a relationship is that me and my boyfriend are really close and hopefully will never break up but alot of poeple break up these days because a lot of guys choose weed over their women.this is wrong and i know my boyfriend could quit if he tryed. hes a really smart guy and i know he can. and i know a lot of you out there are smarter than that too, so be smart and quit. be somebody someday and not a loser stoner living like a bum.

mari-juana              Reply to this Comment
Hello! I am just writing this to advocate marijuana smoking. I have been smoking marijuana since grade 11, and i am now in college, with a year off in between, that is about 4 years now. It WAS a daily habit when i was in high school, however, since I have gotten older it has become more of a recreational drug. The plain fact is, marijuana has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN NOT to be addictive, physically. However, psychologically, this drug is addicting! There are no real harms from the use of marijuana, it brings people together, whether it be in the searching for the drug, or the smoking of the drug. I have made and KEPT many of the friends I have made while using marijuana. Now, I have taken my fair share of different drugs, mushrooms, LSD, cocaine, alcohol, codeine, percocet, you name it, but marijuana is the only one that i consistently use. This does NOT mean it is addicting, perhaps am addicted to the people i use it with, ever think of THAT? Their personalities, their ways of life, this could be an addiction!! Marijuana also presents NO physical withdrawal!!! WHATSOEVER. I am incredibly tired of people bashing this plant, the laws governing which are archaic and need to be reversed. Cannabis Sativa L. has been in use for THOUSANDS of years, in fact, even in biblical times!! Why, Oh WHY would we outlaw such a plant, please, the next person to comment, answer me!

pathological/compulsive              Reply to this Comment
I've been down and out 4 times already house mortgaged 4 times on .on depression med. going to conciling still can't stop

pathological/compulsive              Reply to this Comment
I've been down and out 4 times already house mortgaged 4 times on .on depression med. going to conciling still can't stop

Sleeping Pills are dangerouse              Reply to this Comment
Sleeping pills can be addicting and dangerous.

Re: mari-juana              Reply to this Comment
Kevin, Would you mind providing a link or reference to your scientific proof that marijuana is not addicting, physically or otherwise. I am curious to see the validity, and the scientific methodology that your reference uses. Thanks!

Weed Is Bad!!              Reply to this Comment
I think weed is not good for u but at the same time i jus want 2 taste it 2 see wat'z soooo amazin about it that people are so hooked on it.People tell me it makes u forget about all ur worry's and it makes u pass tests. Is this true? I wonder!

what about families              Reply to this Comment
People seem to be blinded by the weed. I too have a boyfriend who is a heavy pot smoker. You can't pretend that it doesn't has a negative affect on relationships such as loss of intimacy, (too stoned to care). It is very isolating, i don't smoke because i have a child and i have seen what my partner is like when he smokes and i don't want to be irrespnsibly

weed              Reply to this Comment
i think that WEED is very healthy for you and other people and if you dont like it dont do it it dosent hurt you it is FUN to do and if you dont like that you can lick my PUSSY!!!!

psychology              Reply to this Comment
please let me see the article

to anonymous              Reply to this Comment
i am going to give u advice anonymous: U know i went through what u been through ...thangs may not be good now but they will get better. If ur living situation is bad make a change and if relationship is bad get a new one. i was in da same boat .. I said time for a change. I got a different place and a new bf thangs took a dramatic change and gotten much better. hope thangs turn out better anonymous....

JEEZ chill out              Reply to this Comment
I have first hand accounts of this some of my freinds (we all be blazin 24/7) when they don't have bud they start to freak out and feind and stuff like that but me and a few others don't we realize that its just our brain talking what i think is that when you grow up with everyone telling you its addicting it is but i grew up with a family of stoners and they said it wasn't addicting and i'm not that addicted if at all the public brainwashes you WEED ISN'T ADDICTIVE!!!!

MARY J              Reply to this Comment
The only reason pot is bad is because its illegal. Thats the only reason it has screwed me over and made me quit for the most part. man made alcohol God made pot. LEGALIZE IT. oh wait that will never happen

wow              Reply to this Comment
you caint get addicted to pot. its a mental addiction.. many ppl say they are addicted, but they just tell them selfs that..

This goes out to Tim at the bottom of the posts              Reply to this Comment
Here's some scientific proof for you, buddy. Since marajuana does not travel to the reward pathways containing dopamine receptors like cocaine, heroine and other harmful and addictive drugs, it cannot be scientifically considered addictive. THC receptors in the brain do not weaken with consistent over-consumption of the plant like the dopamine receptors in the prior stated drugs, either. The receptors just become filled and so less are readily availabe, BUT slowing the use of marajuana will make these said receptors available again, instead of deteriorating them like any addicitve drug does to its chemical receptor. Also, there is NO PHYSICAL WITHDRAWEL from ceasing the use of marajuana, so how can you call it addictive? I think the problem is that people do not know what the word addiction means. The drugs effects must be present in the reward pathways of the brain, must deteriorate the receptors for the drug creating dependency and tolerance, so more of the drug is needed for the desired effects, and it must cause a PHYSICAL WITHDRAWEL when its use is no longer perpetrated by the "user".

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