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There are a number of classes within the Benzodiazepines Category: Hypnotic, Anxiolytic, Anti-Seizure, Muscle-Relaxant, and Amnesic.
The Muscle Relaxant category is more common because so many people are prescribed drugs such as Flexeril and Valium. The addictions to these drugs and withdrawal from the drugs are among some of the most avoided topics within Drug Addiction. Depending on the addiction and “flavor” of choice, to walk away from Benzodiazepines will require prolonged treatment, but only after a detoxification to be remembered.

It is a tough drug to get completely out of the system.

3 Symptoms of the Addiction

1. Unable to cope without the drug
2. Overly concerned with where the medication is at any given time
3. Increasing dose over time
3 Possible Treatment Options
1. Use of SSRI’s to help in Detox
2. Taper off the drug
3. Homeopathic Remedies

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do not shop at              Reply to this Comment
What ever you do not shop at, I have spent $200 in weight loss pills and I have not received any products. I tried my best contacting them but I could not get a hold of any one. Do not shop at

norxshop              Reply to this Comment
I strongly disagree.. ill admit i did not recieve my product at first but after multiple emails (which were promptly responded to) they resent my order at no cost to me even though they said it was my problem if they didnt come.. and i recieved my order in full

norxshop              Reply to this Comment
I'll back up Brandon on here, i must say i've gotten Clen (weight loss) 17 days.. got 40mcg cause 20mcgs were out of stock at that time. Double dosage for the same price. Stephen did u try contacting them?

NORXSHOP              Reply to this Comment
I just bought some products from NORXSHOP and found this site and another about the company not delievering its products. It is really true. I already called my bank but they told me there is nothing they could do.              Reply to this Comment
hey i was wondering how real there medications are! i have recieved all my orders but have seen no results. did u? thanks please email me at

RXnorshop              Reply to this Comment
I have made two orders to this company they have both shown up in good time. My only concern is if their products are legit.

comment on norxshop              Reply to this Comment
i didn't receive my order too..i spend 150 dollars on clan

legit              Reply to this Comment
I've been using norx for more than a year and all of their products are legit.. they used to sell them where you could use a credit card, but unfortunately they changed it. It it most likely the person taking whatever medication it is.. isn't doing anything to make the med work.. such as exercising and eating healthy.. because really it does work.. and if you are worried the medication doesnt work well then dont buy it and then do yourself a favor get a gym membership.

Good work though with              Reply to this Comment
always received from cant beleive you?


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