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I want my brother back              Reply to this Comment
My brother is 30 years old and has been using drugs from 15. He has two girls and one boy that love him and need him very much. My family and I have been praying that he'll be set free from this strong hold. And we heard about the Dream Center and we know that this is the answer to our prayers.

myself              Reply to this Comment
I know where all ya'll are coming from because I've been there to. I need a sponsor. This is my cry for help!!!

its okay              Reply to this Comment
my sister used to go to outreach, and after 2 years she was clean..theres a chance for all of you..i promise

one in the same              Reply to this Comment
I can't believe how many women are living the same hell that I am today. My boyfriend/fiance has been trying to clean himself up for the past year and a half. I am 38 weeks pregnant and am scared to death that he is going to be on the street hunting down drugs when I go into labor. I should be thinking about my child and being a mother, instead I am trying to remember where I hid my ATM card and wondering where he is sleeping. I have threatened to leave so many times that it just isn't real anymore. He lies to me, steals money from me, he will go to any length to get his drugs. I have a great family that is more than willing to have me come and live with them. I just don't know when enough is enough. Each time he uses - I am the one who is wide-eyed and feeling the results. He just doesn't care anymore. Are there those who are truly hopeless?

Bad Memories              Reply to this Comment
My boyfirned has been addicted to coc and oxy for almost two years. He has almost od on acid. He blames it on his addictive personality. He says he will stop using but when he says that he means only to stop the drug of choice for the moment to move on to a new one. He pushes me away constantly, it has almost cost us our relationship.But we all have to know that these problems are both biological and psychological. Addiction is a disease.Regaurdless of why the person is using or if they finally realize it is their own fault, we all need to be patient and kind.Love is strong enough to over come anything. Addiction is hard to fight off for the person and it's hard for the people who love them to watch helplessly. I will never give up hope ony my boyfriend.I know he will seek help. All of you out there stay positive, it's ok to not always know what to do with the situations handed to you. Keep in mind there is always room to improve and the sky is the limit. I love him and there will be a day when he realizes what he is doing is hurting him. When that day comes I will have the most satisfaction life could possibly hand me.

my son              Reply to this Comment
Hi Wanted to give my perspective as a mother of a 23 year old crack/cocaine addict! For the past 6-7 months I have lost my son he graduated from recreational cocaine abuse to the crack form. Things have drastically gone down hill . In 6 months he has been arrested once for bad checks to get drugs , been in a 21 day inpatient drug rehab , and now back in jail for bad checks again becuase he cannot stop using crack. Crack obviously is the most wicked and ugly addiction there is. Long term rehab is what my son requires but I am out of money and options. I pray that the system will order long term rehab for my son but I also realize that the best programs in the country for drug rehab are the programs that major money can buy. I am angry at our government for not stepping up to the plate and offerring excellent long term rehab for good persons addicted to crack that turn to criminal acts such as my son with bad checks to support their sick habit. My son is now in jail and waits to be sentenced but unless he gets the help he needs the jail will not be the answer for his addiction. This country needs good sound long term rehab centers for crack addiction and for those who do not have the money to buy good rehab. Crack touches the mind and the body and requires a long term rehab. I see a vicious cycle occurring and the system is ignoring the real issue which is drugs in our country and the lack of treatment for addiction. Incarcerating a person who is an addict is not the answer!! Treating the addict long term will stop the vicious cycle. We need to bond together and stop this cycle and fight for the addicts in this country. An addict is sick they do not start as a criminal. We must treat addiction in long term rehab. Let me know if you have some good information on long term funded rehabs!! I say good luck because now that my son has no more insurance unless the state court orders rehab or I somehow fall into 20 - 30 thousand dollars my son will not get the help he needs. I am tired of this country caring for others and ignoring the problems that preside right here in our own country. We need to fight these elicit drugs and fight for good programs for the indigent. Let me know your thoughts ! Sincerely the mother of a crack addicted (loving, intelligent good son who has taken the wrong path)

Best treatment              Reply to this Comment
I have read many posts seeking help and many have said that some places only deal with specific drugs. The best around is Teen Challenge and you can search for a location near you. It is a 1 year program with 80% recovery compared to 7% state rehabs. www.teenchallenge.com it is for men and woman 18 yrs or older check it out - I have sponcered many people through this program and rate it TOPS A+++++

Iam adicted              Reply to this Comment
I have been doing drugs along time for how old I am. I am only 16 an I have been doing cocaine for over 5 years. All of that back fired on me. I was arested 2 times in less than 24 hours.

my boyfriend              Reply to this Comment
months ago my boyfried and i were cool till he started doing drugs. now i'm worried because i don't want drugs to be between us i really need help please contact me at(661)4877542 he does want to stop please

please help              Reply to this Comment
ok, im only 15 and i have come to realize i need help because of what i have done to people. i hurt them in ways i wish i didn't meaning like i have like a bi-polar disorder or something. i just need help. i want something that will make me a better person. i have 2 bf's and im trying to get ride of one and the other one doesnt deserve to be cheated on like that. i hurt many of my friends by telling them im still with the other person. when im upset i sometimes tend to cut myself. i know that some people say i do it becasue im scared and im a wussy and to me i think its becoming a bad habit. (im telling you guys like my whole life story). mainly, i think i get to attatched to people and over obssesive and i hurt people with the actions i do. i think i need to get away and go to a rehab that will help me with my problem. if you have any suggestions to this, please post something saying korrie because i will be coming back to this site often. im not the type of girl to say im crazy and need help, but im doing it for ME and to make ME a better person.. thank you. -korrie

financial support fro recovery home              Reply to this Comment
I am currently trying to get into the in patient program at Valley Hope in Atchison KS and I do not have any insurance. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do or if this is the right pace to go. I know I need some major help with all of these things that have ruined my life and I can't keep living my life this way. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know. thanks, Kate

financial support fro recovery home              Reply to this Comment
I am currently trying to get into the in patient program at Valley Hope in Atchison KS and I do not have any insurance. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do or if this is the right pace to go. I know I need some major help with all of these things that have ruined my life and I can't keep living my life this way. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas please let me know. thanks, Kate

looking for information on a drug program              Reply to this Comment
My husband is addicted to Cocaine and has finally decided to get help. I do not know where to begin to look for him. I would appreciate if someone could get back to me and let me know if they have any suggestions or send information to my e-mail address

drugs              Reply to this Comment
i am a drug addict for about 12 years and i have two children and i can't find a way to get off of them i am a crack addict i am about to lose my family . can you please give me proper advise to get my self some help.i have no money i steal to get my high.

THERE IS HOPE...              Reply to this Comment
I have a hard time with some of the things I've read on here...Ignorant people saying "stop whining" have no idea what a stranglehold drugs can have on your life. I am 32 and am clean of meth for the first time in the last 15 years. It has been 6 months and I struggle daily with it. I COULD NOT DO IT WITHOUT SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Parents: do not give up...if your child is using they need you more than ever. Don't give them money or valuables, but give them support. They may say that they hate you, but it is not your child you are talking too. They are a shell of that person that has 1 thing in mind...getting to that high. Don't let them fool you. Drugs make honest people RUTHLESS LIARS AND THIEVES. I know first hand because I was one. If anyone reading this thinks that I (or anyone else looking for help) is "whining" you should keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself. These people need help and I for one admire their courage in reaching out for it. Good luck to each of you and your loved ones...THERE IS HOPE

If I can help...              Reply to this Comment
I owe it to society...my email is rhettjamesford@hotmail.com If I can answer any questions or just give support feel free to email me...

drugs in harbor lights              Reply to this Comment
went ot see a friend and heard from her and others that drugs are in there how can a person feel safe

methadone clinic              Reply to this Comment
I am currently about 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and on medicaid. I currently see a doctor at the kirklan clinic and heard from a reliable source that medicaid will pay for my methadone treatment during my pregnancy and cover the gas that it will take for me to get there. Is this true? The reason I would like to know is because my unemployment just cut out and my fiance is having problems finding work so we are completely broke but I can't stop the clinic due to the fact that it could harm the baby. I am currently going to tri county treatment center, but it's costing me $12 a day plus $7 for drug tests and I can't afford it anymore and since I am not working I am scared I will have to just stop and something will happen to my unborn daughter. Please send me some info. about this.

i get weird              Reply to this Comment
kid i smoke mad drugs and drink mad alchohol, its so awesome. I love to get wasted and high because it makes me feel cool and i think that it solves all of life's problems....if you have a problem with a drug, just stop using it and try a new drug. Or get drunk

My brother is there!!              Reply to this Comment
My brother is in this facility as I am setting here typing this. He got into a lot of trouble this past year and I pray to God this will make him a stronger and better person, for his family and his self. Our grandpa is at home here in Arkansas, he cant get out of the bed and he is in the last stages of sorosis of the liver...we expect him to go at anytime. I just hope that by seeing how much he is suffering, and what my brother is going through that this can make me a stronger person...with a strong will and I can learn from what they have and are going through. I love you bubba and God Bless!!!

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