Intranasal, inhalation and oral are the main routes of administering cocaine. Some people also use slang words like “snorting”, “chewing”, “injecting”, “mainlining”, and also smoking (that includes crack cocaine and freebase), to refer to these routes. Inhaling of cocaine powder by a person through his/her nostrils, where the bloodstream absorbs it through the tissues of the nasal is known as snorting. Through injecting, drug is directly released into one’s bloodstream, heightening the intensity of the effects of cocaine.

The absorption by the bloodstream can be as rapid when, by smoking one inhales the smoke or cocaine vapor, into his/her lungs. Cocaine can also be rubbed on the mucous tissues of the user. People often combine crack or cocaine powder with heroin as in “speedballs”.



The use of cocaine may be occasional or repeated or even compulsive, with a wide range of patters between these. The only safe way to take cocaine is by the medical use. The routes of administration often lead to the absorption of its toxic amounts. This may cause sudden death due to cerebrovascular acute cardiovascular emergencies. Repetitive use of cocaine through any administration route may cause adverse health conditions like addiction.



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