While anorexia and bulimia certainly don’t discriminate by season, springtime seems to be an especially critical time for those who battle these eating disorders.
For most individuals who constantly struggle with such disorders, especially young women, spring represents the time when they become overly concerned about appearance, especially how they’re going to look in shorts, skimpy tops, or a bathing suit.  For many, the expectations of how their body will appear to others spells disaster. 

For college kids and older high school students, celebrating spring break with friends can also trigger difficulties.

  Because young people are always comparing themselves to one another, the need to look better than their friends surfaces in those who struggle with anorexia, bulimia, or any other eating disorder. 

Friends and family members of those who’ve had previous problems with eating disorders should be especially diligent in keeping an eye out for complications during this time of the year.  Indications of a large amount of weight loss should be addressed immediately.

Those undergoing treatment for eating disorders should plan in advance for spring expectations or for any spring break vacations that take them away from their normal routine. 

"If eating in front of people makes you uncomfortable and you're gonna be with a bunch of girlfriends on the beach, then let's talk about what foods you may be comfortable eating,” says Dr. Elizabeth Joy of the University of Utah’s eating disorder clinic.

Parents or loved ones of those with eating disorders should also be especially tuned in to what their friend or family member is reading online.  Hundreds of pro-anorexia websites have popped up on the internet, encouraging those with eating disorders to continue with this destructive lifestyle. 

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