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marriage counseling              Reply to this Comment
my husband and i don;t commuiate , and he don't like to cuddle anymore i do . our sex life is joke

Is it even worth salvaging?              Reply to this Comment
I've been married for almost 6 months and I've been with my wife for 3 years. Our sex life is terrible and it was that way right before we got married. It's only gotten worse. I'm a newlywed and I'm lucky it happens once a month and even then it's terrible and so planned out. I dont think it should be the most important part of a relationship but it should be a major portion and she thinks that she should only come on to me when she's in the mood and that my urges should be tamed. Lately I've been becoming extremly frustrated with her and find myself hating her more and more everyday. I've talked with her about this situation and tried to find ways to repair the situation. I've changed my approach to what she likes, I've dieted and I'm be extremely pleasant and it gets worse and worse everyday. I can't assume she's cheating because that would be jumping the gun but I'm at the point where I feel like I'm not getting what I want out of the relationship and I dont think I want to do this anymore. Do I have reason to feel this way?

ur better off              Reply to this Comment
ur better off bein good because u have a future and it shouldnt be in prison

guilt feelings              Reply to this Comment
Can a person be responsible for a promise made under extreme stress. One promise was made when his father was dieing and another when his mother attempted suicide.

help please              Reply to this Comment
does any one know of low income or free family conseling?

I dont know what to do              Reply to this Comment
my fiance and my self have been together for 3 years and we always fight, about anything, mostly about his mother, I think she is trying to break us up I mean he does anything for her even if it is going against me. He tells her about every fight we have. Please help

I don't know what to do              Reply to this Comment
You need to make a decsion. He will not change. Is the current situation acceptable to you? Are you willing to play second fiddle to his mom until she dies? If so,accept your second class status and stop whining. If not, don't fudge around...leave now and don't look back.

help please              Reply to this Comment
Good for you that you're looking for help at a tough time. Check with your local United Way, they often have referral services. Also, look in the "community services" section of the phone book, usually in the first few pages. Non-profit counseling centers are usually located there. Good luck and hang in there.

trust me its a mental case ok              Reply to this Comment
ok well hi um... well my names angel and i dont jus have one problem i have many see i have drug abuse alchol abuse and really its not suicide but i cut my wrist and legs too. im told i have an anger problem and dat i dont understand things i guess i jus need sum1 to listen to me and understand me but no1 seems to want to listen ever and even if they did they never really understand wat should i do.

Lost in drugs and anger              Reply to this Comment
My girl friend of 12 years now have two little girls. She abuses drugs, alchihol. She cheats when ever she feels the need to get away from me. But she always wants to come back. The kids are now being miss treated by her and left with their grandparents while i work and she goes off to do the cheating and the druging. She i try and help her or shopuld i let her go? She stops doing the drugs for a short time to be able to come back into me and the kids lives but it never fails, three months tops and she is back doing the same old thing. Is there help for her or should i raise the kids with out her?

trust me its a mental case ok              Reply to this Comment
If you need someone to talk yo you can e-mail me at kuhnjc123@aol.com I am a female who also thinks noone understands me.Maybe we can talk & help each other

Confidentiality YEAH RIGHT!!!              Reply to this Comment
because of bridgeway, my family now disowns me, I cannot tell you how I have spent tweleve years fighting to build a relationship with them, just to have MY COUNSELOR tear it down by sharing EVERYTHING I told her in confidence about my family and our issues. This had NOTHING to do with my treatment there and I wasn't even consulted or warned that this discussion was to take place. I found out at my job, broke down in pure panic and had to leave, lost the job, have an awesomely huge ER bill just because I couldn't stop the panic attack... and now I am left high and dry on where to go to continue my treatment. The worst part is, they NEVER even apologized!!! I did NOTHING to these people, I was a star patient, always paid on time, never dirty... but I guess they take it upon themselves to ruin lives there NOT HELP people. THat is what you get when you are money driven and not people driven. They also refused to let me see my doctor there for over two weeks even when I made every effort to make it easy for them to arrange a time for me. It was almost as if they did not want me to see him on purpose. Thank you Bridgeway for ruining my life!!

All messed up              Reply to this Comment
I have a pretty much bad situation. I have always struggled with alcohol since I was a teenager. Now it's worse. I've been married for almost four years and my alcohol problem has caused a lot of problems. Sometimes I drink so much that I black out and don't remember a thing the next day. Recently I went to a party and got more drunk than I've been in my entire life. When I got home that night I apparently tried to beat up my husband and I apparently nearly coerced his brother to sleep with me. I don't recall any of this. Since that day I haven't picked up antoher drink. I understand his anger, but he also slept with another woman that night... and he was sober. Even though I quit drinking, he's still mad at me and thinks that what he did is acceptable. I still want to work past this but he's leaving me. What should I do?

all messed up              Reply to this Comment
he was an asshole that cheated bottom line ur alcohol problem had nothing 2 do with the fact hes a two timing turd tell him not to let the doorknob hit him in the ass on the way out!!

all messed up              Reply to this Comment
2 wrongs dont make a right! if your husband wants to leave, it sounds as tho it is the best. get help with your drinking and make a fresh start.it is all in your hands!

counseling              Reply to this Comment
so you have been married for 6 months and you have talked about your sex life. well the sex life is not important but it is a part of a relationship. you also say you hate her but reality you do not hate her because you are trying to make something work. first of all if both of you want to work it out you need to have communication both of you eed to know how one another feels. we need to focus on one thing at a time first get you to together then we talk about how you can't get along in what way can you to as a couple improve. then i will talk after you can deside what is the problem

love              Reply to this Comment
I would say you did know the sex life was bad before you got married. AT this point you may be fustrated but, she is your wife. Speaking from a woman perspective, try this mentally stimulating her during the day with sexy text messages and all that jazz do that for a while, she knows you are unhappy.. so make her feel like you wanna be her best lover. She will open up more. Do the little message thing woman love to smile..stimulate the mind and the body will follow. I'm in a long relationship and that's how we keep it spicy. don't give up

counseling              Reply to this Comment
The issue many women have with their husbands is that they let the quality of their sex lives determine the quality of the marriage overall. In other words, if the sex life is great in the husband's eyes, then the marriage is great. Never mind the fact that in reality the marriage is in trouble for other reasons that the husband can't see because all he's focusing on is how much sex he's getting. You spend more time together doing other things than you do having sex. If you're not communicating, spending time having a conversation, doing things together, even if it's housework then you're certainly not going to want to have sex. Fix the marriage first, then you fix the sex.

reply              Reply to this Comment
Don't give up yet... try and find the underlying problem or reason. maybe she is not feeling understood.. try to swith places with her.. become her for a few days--step into her mind and find out what makes her tick..once you find out that then she may just be puddy in your hands and you may just get everything you want and a little more!! best of luck tm


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