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marraige counseling              Reply to this Comment
my husband and i have been married for 5 yrs now and im ready to leave. He is wonderful to me but i just don't feel it anymore. what do i do?? we have 2 small children also.

Is it even worth salvaging?              Reply to this Comment
Marriage is an USTOGETHER kind of thing, meaning the problem isn't going to be solved by pointing fingers and especially not by hating. The tone of your post suggests that you are now thinking almost exclusively of yourself and not her as well. That doesn't bode well for your marriage. If you can pull yourself out of that selfishness, you may have a chance. I'm guessing that the sex was good or at least ok in the couple of years b4 the marriage...? So what does marriage mean to you, and to her, that ruined it? Marriage is a long road of learning what love is. Patience, forgiveness, gratitude, and generosity is needed to travel that road. If you don't have those qualities now, try to develop them. If you can't or won't invest in developing them, at best your marriage will probably always be rocky, or cold. Good luck to you.

Hi              Reply to this Comment
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u r better off              Reply to this Comment
I am a strong believer that cheating on any one does not work. It only creates low self esteem in someone preferably the person who is cheating. It is definately not worth it.

Marriage              Reply to this Comment
This relationship needs work. Your wife needs to understand that you are a man and she is a woman. Although that sounds silly, the differences between the sexes are nothing to laugh at. He sex drive does not match yours, so you need to be honest with each other and find a way to compromise or move on to another relationship. After 3 years and 6 months, you should still have a healthy relationship in and out of the bedroom. It sounds like you do not have either and are both living in agony with the other. This is not a marriage. Try to compromise and if you can not get counsleing. If neither of these things work, LIVE you life, and start over.

Acohol Abuse              Reply to this Comment
Your alcohol abuse is completely out of control. Soon, if you don't wake up, you will find yourself in a hospitla in detox, or worse in a morgue. Get your life straight. Loose the jerk of a husband,who is using your problem to condone his lack of dignity in your marriage. Get away from him, get help and live a wonderful life. Do it NOW! Right this moment. Get off the computer, pack a bag, walk out the door to re-hab and DO NOT LOOK BACK. There is sunshine and love and happiness for you. GO get it.

help someone              Reply to this Comment
there is someone that i know and she nees serious help

Counseling services              Reply to this Comment
Try visiting your county's community counseling services, some do offer a sliding fee scales if you qualify. Medical coupons are also taken if you have any.

Recovering and Forgiving              Reply to this Comment
My wife recently admitted that she had a affair nearly six years ago during our first year together as husband and wife. We could not be stronger now, but she has never given me the whole story about the affair and it eats at me. How am I to trust and move on if I don't know

bipolar and drugs              Reply to this Comment
I am a 20 year old woman wiht a 8 month old daughter,and i was diagonsed bipolar disorder when i was 13 years old.I started experimenting with drugs since I was 16.I have been addicted to xanax for 3 years and pain pills for 1.It has ruined my life totaly.i am engaged to a wonderful man who loves me and tries to understand my mixed states,but i still continue with this horrible aggresive mood swings.the drugs make it worse.someone please tell me what to do.i dont currently see a doctor but i used too.i cant seem to find the right one.PLEASE HELP!!!!

leave              Reply to this Comment
leave her and take your children away b4 they end up like their mom..one good parent is better then having them around such a negative enviroment!!

leave              Reply to this Comment
leave her and take your children away b4 they end up like their mom..one good parent is better then having them around such a negative enviroment!!

Leave              Reply to this Comment
If he's not man enough to stand by you, when you are trying to get better then he's not worth it..let him go, and you will be better off!! just stay on track and sober

Your not alone              Reply to this Comment
Angel I'm so sorry for what your feeling,I don't know how old you are but I am going through the same type of problems with my 16year old son I have had him in treatment several times I do beleive there is treatment for what your feeling and from my experience you just have to keep trying different doctors until you feel you have found the right one to help with your problems,and it won't be easy I worry everyday about my son and his problems and it hurts me to know I can do nothing to help his sadness and his anger I would give my life to find the help he so desperately needs. my heart goes out to you Angel please hang in there,it will be worth it when you finally get the right help from the right person, and that person is out there somewhere.Chaz

Husband and Wife              Reply to this Comment
Does anyone else have marriage problems regarding things other than sex life?

sex lack of               Reply to this Comment
get rid of her and find someone else

Seperation/Divorce              Reply to this Comment
OK, see if you can get at this 1. Where to start, ok..we've been married 3 years. I'm American, she's Polish. We live in Poland. I'm Black she's White (a non issue between us seriously) So here's the gist. We used to fight, like physically. Then that stopped completely, but there was always something lingering there. I made most of the money, she took care of the bills. Well, in the end she'd been feeling bad about the marriage, but I didn't know. 1 day I wa checking the bank account and asked her what was in it. She told me a much lower amount than I expected so I lost it and yelled at her. I said she was stupid for spending so much money and "we should get a divorce". So she said "OK". It hit me like a tron of bricks because I didn't mean it. Anyway, we've been seperated for 5 months. I went back to the U.S. but now I'm back in Poland trying to make it work because I do love here. I did some therapy while in the U.S. and still do it from a book that's worked very well so far. My thing is...after all this time I still love her and we see each other. How in the world do I get my feelings across. I can't tell her I love you everyday, because it'll show how needy I could be, then again I can't just sit here in this country forever. Anyone have any advice? And befor you call me an ass for getting into a physical fight with my wife...I already know.

Fucked it all up              Reply to this Comment
Okay I need help. I dont know what to do. here it goes. I am really stuck I can't function as a normal young adult without some sort of drug it doesn't matter what it is I have to be fucked up somehow, my fiance is fed up, and i just recently moved out and in with him we've been together for 7 months and I had a prior six month relationship with him 9 months ago, I can't let go of him but I know if I can't change hes going to let go of me, I also from being intoxicated have let some bad things happen while he wasnt around and he knows about this stuff but i can't do this to him but im so trapped. I need to be high and or drunk or trippin all the time and i don't know how to stop or just be sober without being upset. im looking for counseling in my area but no such luck. if anyone has any advice please give it to me. im struggling alot.

not cuddling              Reply to this Comment
plz dont assume its abnormal. it may be a phase he is going thru. if your in TX you can talk with me.

no sex              Reply to this Comment
there is more to this than just of the bad sex. There will be more bumps in the road in marriage. Your best bet is to get into Marriage counseling in order to un-earth the underlying issues that have contributed to your bad sex problem.

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