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Addiction Counseling Juveniles and families              Reply to this Comment
Calvin Drake Ministries Cleveland, Ohio Jackson, Mississippi calvindrakeministries@hotmail.com

break up              Reply to this Comment
I had a relatioship for 14 years and can't stop thinking about my x

marriage              Reply to this Comment
my husband lies to me alot about stupid things like gettin a credit card..most things he lies about is little things that i always found out..he says he lies so i dont get mad at him and start yelling..i only yell when he lies i hate liers..and not bein able to trust someone...he also doesnt know how to communicate with me..he was never like this before we got marriage..i just dont know what to do anymore...should i leave him if he doesnt stop lyin...???

Help              Reply to this Comment
Ive been with my husband for 20 years. Its not been easy at any point in time. Drinking, and even drugs at one time. Alot of nights not coming home. Now ive found out about him and a friend staying at another girls home because they were to drunk to drive. I guess you cant use a phone when your drinking either.

marrage              Reply to this Comment
wow girl i am going threw the exsact same thing i feel totaly the same way and i just donnt know how to react about it. i love him but some times i feel like i cant take it any more.

marriage              Reply to this Comment
Yes i think you should, you need to sit down & talk to him about it, & tell him if he don't quit the lying then you are going to, give him the warning first, let him know that your going to be out of his life if he keeps it up, & ask him if lying is really worth losing a marriage?..because you shouldn't put up with that kind of stuff from a husband or a wife,try & fix things,if not move on, because there will always be someone better out there who will treat you so much better & who will love you & not lie to you.

Co Dependent No More              Reply to this Comment
There is a great book called Co-Dependent No More that and Boundaries in Marriage. What is your picture of a marriage? What is your husbands? These two books will provide you with some guidance on how to answer these questions and set a plan to reach your picture. Cheryl Gowin, www.discoverycounseling.org


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