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Unconquerable love...              Reply to this Comment
I was once told that it was best for me to forget about whatever my problems were and to take medicine I didn't need. I was told that bipolar is a condition that develops from my adverse reaction to an antidepressant, though I find myself mostly displeased with the results of the medication. It isn't working for me anymore. I sought help through my husband, asking him to humble himself and just admit that he wasn't perfect, that the dirty clothes fairy didn't exist and that bottle sterilization was a new innovation. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I just mean that I felt like I was doing all the work. I sought rest at southwest, and could not find peace in my heart because they rediagnosed me with bipolar disorder after I had been told that I was misdiagnosed. I prayed to God that this day would never come, and that my husband would be able to remove the doubt from my heart, that all things were not as they seemed and that love was still possible. (We were having marital issues, and kind of still are.) Having a baby was supposed to be the happy ending. We were the living and breathing examples that love is amazing and it conquers all obstacles, though I had not considered what helping my brother would do to my repaired sense of self. It damaged me to the core, it made me feel doubt and fear that I hadn't felt for years. Now I'm not sure if I'll ever regain the sense of peace that had engulfed my soul so completely. I only wish I had not helped him, since his problem was the same as mine had been and we both sought freedom from an abusive parent at home. We both had never felt love before. It was a new concept for me to hear "I love you" from my husband, that's why I felt so strongly that it helped me. But, I was told by Southwest that it doesn't help and it's not something to be discussed anymore. It broke my heart. So completely. Will I ever find love in my heart again? I feel so unsure. I miss the way I used to feel before I went to inpatient treatment at Southwest.

depression              Reply to this Comment
hi i also have depression and bipolar 2 for over 14 years i take medicine for this desease and it has help me very much because before geting the help i needed from my doctor i was a very unhappy person and very depress so you need to get on a depression medication and take it even if you dont feel well in the first 2-3 weeks it will work and make you feel so much better and able to deal with life as others but taking your medications is so very important i was in a deep black hole until my medication and feel wonderful now so god bless and you will feel so much better i promise you with ((((hugs)))) angel52

depression              Reply to this Comment
and who ever told you that information should not be practicing because it does not seem like they know what they are talking about and dont worry true love will be in your life again just hang in and dont give up i been with my husband for 32 years and i thank god he has not left me yet but he was always there for me threw the good and badddd but thats love and if that someone that you love dont love you back because of a sickness that you have well its there lost


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