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Teen Depression

Teen Depression

    There are many books that have been written on depression, but we are now just learning how to identify and treat this illness in teenagers. Misinformation often causes parents to think that their child is depressed when many symptoms of depression masquerade as typical teenage surliness or drug use. This can be a scary reality for parents as boredom and depression often have similar symptoms.
    Teenage depression doesn’t manifest itself as clearly as adult depression.

Adults exhibit symptoms such as sadness, lack of energy, and isolation. Teen depression exhibits itself in other ways so parents can miss the signs in their child. Finally, adults who are severely depressed usually stay continuously depressed. Teenagers react more to their external environment and periodically seem to pull out of their depression. If a depressed teen is successful in getting tickets to see their favorite rock band, they may enjoy a spurt of excitement/happiness before and during the concert before reverting back to emotional darkness.

    What is depression? Depression is a medical condition that can cause dysfunction in every aspect of one’s life. Some of the various types of depression include:
•    Major depression
•    Dysthymia
•    Bipolar Disorder

    There are many factors that can cause depression in teenagers. These include biochemistry (a chemical imbalance of mood regulation in the brain), genetics, family history, substance abuse, and an illness or difficult life changing situation. Some people have mild depression, while others suffer much more severely.

    Childhood depression is a serious impairment, which is often missed because adolescents suffering from it do not verbalize their feelings. Often the depression gradually becomes more severe and the teenager can no longer cope with life. Today, we realize that depression sometimes begins in early childhood, and that approximately two percent of pre-teens and five percent of adolescents suffer from this disorder. We are also learning that depression in teenagers presents itself differently than in adults and that treatment modes also differ for teens.

    Depression in children does not always manifest itself as it does in adults, which is characterized by a loss of interest in life. Instead of being sad and debilitated, the teenager may exhibit agitation and irritable behaviors. They may also have physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomachaches. Teenagers often express their emotions through their body, and unfortunately these complaints are usually treated with medicine rather than therapy (Group Therapy).
    Parents should not try to diagnose their child. They should communicate their concerns to a professional and then make the decision as to whether the teenager needs help.

    The first step for the parents of a depressed teenager is to acknowledge that their child might have a problem. Denial and guilt are common problems when it comes to teenagers with mental health issues. Some parents feel guilty or blame outside forces for the problem, or just think that the teen needs a swift kick in the pants to pull them out of their funk.

     Depression is a serious, legitimate illness. If left untreated, depression has serious long-term implications (even the risk of suicide), and deserves the same compassion and attention as any other illness. A depressed teenager is not lazy, willful, or just trying to get out of work; they are ill and need treatment.

    Start by researching treatment the same way as when looking for a reputable medical doctor. Find out if they are members of the A.P.A. and if they graduated from an accredited university. Sometimes the most effective treatment is one that takes place outside the home. By placing the adolescent in a nurturing environment, they are given the opportunity to focus on their illness and rediscover themselves. Teens placed in therapeutic boarding schools continue their education while learning life skills, under the supervision of qualified therapists.

    Psychotherapy may utilize a cognitive or interpersonal approach to exploring events and feelings that the teenager is unable to cope with and help develop new coping skills. Cognitive therapy recognizes that emotional health is related to thought patterns and beliefs about the world and the way the teenager relates to their environment. The depressed teen is often pessimistic and dominated by negativity and anticipation of harmful outcomes.

    Interpersonal therapy focuses on the practicalities of developing healthy relationships at home and at school. It measures mechanisms for loss and rejection, two major adolescent social issues, how to get along with parents and siblings, and how to reduce and cope with stress. Unfortunately, most teens, however depressed, do not come to therapy voluntarily. Unlike their adult counterparts, they have not identified an area in which their depression is compromising their quality of life. This is why group sessions are often less threatening and can teach social skills in a more relaxed atmosphere (Statistics on Adolescent Depression).

    Treating adolescents for depression has come a long way in the past decade. As we learn more about the physical and emotional causes of this disorder, the future looks brighter for teenagers that suffer from depression (Group Therapy).

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dep              Reply to this Comment
very good..keep up the good work!

psa              Reply to this Comment
can u help me on a psa its a group work we have to have at least 15 facts about teen depression/suicide and cuttingit a short psa.public service announcement

i am depressed              Reply to this Comment
the information is good. yo;

THIS IS NOT A JOKE              Reply to this Comment
Whoever wrote that inappropriate comment. This is not a laughing matter. Teen Depression and Suicide is an important matter in our community. Please take this seriously. Mahalo, A Concerned Teen.

i know              Reply to this Comment
i know exactly how it feels i am currently in a struggle with depression and thoughts of wanting to be free from everything

Teen Depression              Reply to this Comment
i am a senior at doniphan west highschool and as a graduation requirement we have to wright a 2500-4500 word paper on the topic that we choose, for my topic i have chose teen depression. and the effects it and the medications have on teenagers today. if you had more information or just some ideas that you could give me reguarding this topic it would be greatly appreciated thank you for you time, Holly

depression              Reply to this Comment
i'm 16 soon to be 17 and i have been depressed since i was 11. i can't seem to shake it off. what i'm going threw i can't explain it. latley my depression has gotten worse and i don't know what to do. it takes all i have to get out of bed in the morning and continue on with the day. i have lost all hope of living. i don't know why i feel this why?

can you help?              Reply to this Comment
can you help me to explain why i feel the way i do?

Just stick in there              Reply to this Comment
Hey shay! I hope you are able to read this before something bad happens... I am another whom is dealing with the problems of depression... I know it is not easy but please do anything you can to prevent from thinking like that... Make some friends at school, hang out after school, go to the mall, even playing games will probably help... I know it is hard, but it is even harder losing a friend to that stupid disorder... I have lost many friends from suicide and it sucks... Just hang in there...

Myspace              Reply to this Comment
I have a myspace, if you would like to find me my name is Chris Mayeur. My display name is Jasper Hale and my email is crystalsphinx28@sbcglobal.net Just so that you can find me. Okay?

Myspace              Reply to this Comment
I have a myspace, if you would like to find me my name is Chris Mayeur. My display name is Jasper Hale and my email is crystalsphinx28@sbcglobal.net Just so that you can find me. Okay?

.              Reply to this Comment
thanks for replying to me. i live in a small town so theres not much to do here. i use to have a lot of friends, but i've pushed them away it seems without wanting to. i just don't feel right anymore.

i know how you feel              Reply to this Comment
i to have thoughts of being free im constantly finding myself thinking about sucide it seems like suicide is the only answer since god has not shown me anyother way or a sing on what im supose to do

Need to keep going              Reply to this Comment
I am a 11yr old intense cutter. I cut at least 5 times a day and i have scars all on my arms legs hips and back. They are so noticeable that i always have to put this go away scar cream on but it barley works since they are so big. Sometimes i want to kill myself but then i think i need to keep going because life only happens once and i cant just waste it all. I know i will eventully hopefully grow out of it but if not soon then i dont know whats going to happen. So next time you want to really hurt yourself just think i have to keep going

lost               Reply to this Comment
i'm not myself anymore and it's making the people around me become stressed and in turn is making me feel worse. what can i do? how do i get help? undone_n_lost1223@yahoo.com

.....              Reply to this Comment
Ever since i turned 12 i'v always been sad because my mother was depressed because she lost alot of people like her grandfather and her father. Now that she's depressed i get alot bored at home, and feel like i have no life. I feel like just killing my self and i cry like every single day, to my self! My parents never let me do anything and never let me go any where because they never got to go any where when they were little to... so now my lifes getting ruined. But when my dads home i don't feel tht depresses cause he always cheers me up, its just that my mother always make me cry because of her past and i don't know what to do! I try not to listen but now i always get into an argument with her or like a fight. My head always hurts and i feel like all my hopes and my career is going to turn into a black hole.... I need to know wut i should do because i get a bad feeling in my stomach and my head always starts to hurt...help? wut should i do??????????????

btw              Reply to this Comment
oh and btw im 13 right now and i dun wanna be like my mom when i grow up!!! plz help!!

alone              Reply to this Comment
i feel as if im alone, constantly, im only a fourteen year old. I feel like i can't have and specific settlement in mood, and a small majority of people in my life has created and transformed my life into a living h-e-l-* and im a christian and i try to do whats right. But i don't always suceed, i never have had anyone to talk to and, i think this world is just to large to be and feel alone, i used to be poplular but it faded, i have been feeling depressed for 3 years now, it devoloped in 6th grade, and i don't know what to do anymore, i feel like dr.jakel and mr.hyde, i have many diffrent sides to my story. I can't get up the courage to talk to the councilers at school.. im alone, all alone

im gay               Reply to this Comment
Im gay but im depressed i get called all names at school i just want to stop it ive hurt myself to try and help nothing helps ii want to end it all ! Im 13

im gay               Reply to this Comment
Im gay but im depressed i get called all names at school i just want to stop it ive hurt myself to try and help nothing helps ii want to end it all ! Im 13


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