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Treating Depression

Treating Depression

    Depression can affect anyone at any age.  Most people will probably experience some sort of depressive feelings at some point in their life.  It is normal to go through cycles of happiness and sadness according to events and lifestyle habits.  When depression interferes with your daily routine and stops you from accomplishing normal day-to-day tasks, then it is definitely a problem.

  Some symptoms of mild-severe depression are:

-Lack of energy
-Small tasks seem impossible
-You don’t seem to enjoy the same things you used to
-You avoid social activity
-You feel very anxious sometimes
-You feel guilty
-You feel like a failure
-You feel no self-confidence
-Life seems to be without hope
-You feel angry all the time
-You have physical aches and pains and you don’t know why
-Thoughts of suicide

    So how do you treat symptoms such as these?  A lot of people rush right to anti-depressants.  Although medicine can be helpful, there are also many side effects that come along with it.  There are also studies that show long term usage can be harmful with some medicines.  Consulting with a doctor is a good idea, although many doctors will try to put you on medication right away, so be prepared to ask questions and make sure that it is right for you. It is a quick fix for the major symptoms, but some people feel worse while on medication.  If you are feeling suicidal, get help immediately.

    Our bodies have natural ways of dealing with depressive feelings, although we need to help those processes along.  Sunlight is important for your body.  Even 15 minutes a day in the sun can make a difference.  Staying away from junk food will help immensely.  You don’t need to eat rabbit food, but moderation is key to being healthy.  Exercise is also very important.  It can be hard to get out and exercise especially if we are not used to it.  Start with 15 minutes of walking at least 3 times a week and then slowing bump up the duration to 30 minutes.  Also, varying your activities is a good way to make it less tedious.  Try running, biking, hiking, swimming, in-line skating or some other form of cardiovascular exercise.  The important thing is to get your heart pumping.  After two weeks of regular exercise, you will be amazed at how much better you feel!

    Talking to people can also help you understand why you are feeling the way you are.  Find a family member or friend that you trust and talk to them.  Professional counselors can also help you sort through feelings and experiences that we have.

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guilt feelings              Reply to this Comment
Can a person be responsible for a promise made under extreme stress. One promise was made when his father was dieing and another when his mother attempted suicide. He is in torment and can't move on because he thinks he should keep the promises.

The Big "D"              Reply to this Comment
I had am automobile accident 10 years ago, I have been on an anti-depressant since. I just took myself off of Zanax which I used at night to sleep, or if I had breathing difficulty. I feel better off of it however I only get 3 to 4 hours of sleep if I am lucky. I am usually awake all night, and have gone for 2 nights and days without any sleep at all. I am weaning myself off of Elexor now hope to be drug free by December.

treating D article above              Reply to this Comment
What is the real truth? I have by-polar, my father was diagnosed in his day with manic/depression. I know this illness can run in families. So why do people write or say things like...anti depressive medication is something one rushes into and that one must talk through the issues that make them depressed? I really feel stupid when I hear people say that I can talk myself out of being depressed. What? 'Ok' I tell them, I will do that, and I will get off the medicine. Only one thing...I have nothing to be so depressed about that I want to kill myself, so why do I have these feelings sometimes? You don't seem to get it. If I inherited this DISEASE, what is there to talk through? The things in my life are both good and some bad, so what; everyone is like that, as you say in your article. So why do some with this disease want to commit suicide, or can't function day-to-day activities, skip social events, feel anxious, like a failure (when they clearly are not), and all the other things you mentioned as symptoms? Symptoms of what? Something that can be talked over and it will go away? The word 'symptom' describes a reaction to something. Like when one has a cold, the symptom is sneezing. The symptom of having suicidal thoughts (because one feels there is no hope in life, along with the other signs that are listed above) are indicative to having an illness called Depression. We do not sit around in the dark feeling sorry for ourselves to the point that we can't go to work. That is not what is going on. We have an illness...I have been told this, not by my therapist, but by my doctor, my psychiatrist, that I have an illness and that one of the symptoms is thinking about suicide, feelings of inadequacy, failing, crying for no reason, the things you describe in your article. This is an illness. We need to be on medication and..and, have a therapist to help us overcome acting on our thoughts and/or feelings when they come, and help us try to understand the illness so that we don't end up feeling like a failure and that there is no hope in life. Please keep the facts straight. If someone makes a person with this illness (like diabetes, or any other illness) feel that all they have to do is talk about their feelings, we will see a lot more suicide attempts. First...get on the medication SO that we don't kill ourselves on the way to therapy. NOTE: This has been my personal experience, if you have questions about things I've said; please tell them to your therapist before you decide to do anything. I am not a doctor. I am a by-polar person that is angry right now. I have a therapist. In the above article; it is true that we do need to talk about what is happening to us with this disease. Also...not all people who are feeling depressed have this illness. Sometimes there are real factors in life that are depressing. Please talk to someone about those issues.

mistake              Reply to this Comment
i broke up with my girl in cali and moved back to new jersey. i part of me wanted space and another part didnt. i went with the wrong side and i regret everything i did. she wont take me back and i dont want to live no more. what do i do?

For 'balboa' 'mistake'              Reply to this Comment
Hello balboa. What do I do? Is that your question? I have questioned myself about this exact matter. There is someone that I love so much and my mind, heart, body and soul KNOWS I cannot live without him. But...it's odd, a day goes by, then another one, and then another week, then several months and then I realize that I DID live after all, and I WAS living without him. Odd, isn't it. Not saying it is easy, no, no...not easy. But actually all we, you and I need to do is take one day at a time. Some days will be unbearable, some even worse than that. But at some point, you just might find yourself going throughout your day and at the end of it, lying in your bed you realize "I didn't think about her today, hummm...and I didn't die" As for this 'mistake' you made I think you forget something in all your stress but We...all...make...mistakes...you...made...a...mistake. You are one of us! You joined the game of life and sometimes life hurts…bad. Please do not stress so much over it, try not too fixate on what has happened. I know being depressed does make it seem virtually imposable to do this. And it will take time; good thing is we have the time. Try to begin thinking (if you can. I know it is hard) about the things that would, or could make you more interesting down the road. This may be a time to reinvest in yourself; think about it. What do you see yourself doing, becoming? Because when you start thinking about ALL the possibilities you have already there is something new and exciting for you…YOUR LIFE. I did it, am doing it, beginning to feel independent again, and for some reason, hummm? I began to feel that I was ok just being myself. I mean...who wants to be so mesmerized with someone who is really gone. Get mesmerized in yourself. YOU ARE WORTH IT, you wouldn't even be alive to begin with if you weren't important. And...you are!

Electro Shock Treatment              Reply to this Comment
Eastern Long Island Hospital subjected my father to innumerable electro shock treatments at the age of 91. It left him unable to return home. I decry such treatments and believe they should be banned.

depression              Reply to this Comment
Hi. I have had depression for 2 years now. I havent taken anything because iam afraid of the side effects. somedays i feel perfect and other days i feel like there is no hope. And I would like to know what pills helped people. This is the worst ever. I feel so depressed that if someone gave me 10 million dollars i tell them to keep it.

what are u taking              Reply to this Comment
hi, stunned. I have the same exact feelings . i think i have by polar because one day i can feel so happy and the next day im awful. I dont take any medication because im afraid of the side effects , if they will be worst then iam. If you dont mind can you tell me what u are taking. Thank you soo much

manic depressive since birth              Reply to this Comment
i was born with manic depression. now that i am 22 it has gone to the extremes. i dont want to work, get up, nothing. i don't have insurance and even FIA won't help me. i think it's funny how they say i am sick and i could blow at any time but no one will help me. like that makes me feel better. and to top it off it's not the thought of suicide that's the worst. it's the thought of no one ever loving me and always being stuck no where. i cant see anyone cause i can't afford it. so my question is what are depressive people supposed to do when they can't get help. like many people that is my case. i had medical til i was 18. i have been through 8 years of counseling, 3 diff. kind of pills, and tried to commit suicide 5 times. i was even hospitalized for a week but they said it was all in my head. i am at my worst and i feel i will never get better. is there help out there for me?

Depression              Reply to this Comment
I am glad you are able to express your feelings well. There is a very good reason that you are in this world and that's is while you will still be here for a long time. I think you will need to get a good therapist. I was in a very bad situation myself years ago and for my determination I was able to get a good therapist. Do not give up for there is a big hope.

bipolar disorder              Reply to this Comment
there should be a sliding scale clinic somewhere in your area. Places make it really hard to get in....I don't know why, you'd think they'd want to help us....I once spent 5 months trying to get seen at a particular clinic, only to be told they would not help me because I am not considered a threat to anyone (i.e., I had not been in any physical fights or otherwise tried to hurt anyone.....nevermind the fact that I hadn't eaten in two weeks - I'm bipolar, too- evidently that wasn't important.....anyway, there are places that will help....I have been uneasily stabilized for about two months now....try google searching "sliding scale" or "low income" and "mental health clinics" a lot of times you'll get lots of not cheap places, but if you poke around enough you should find something.

bipolar              Reply to this Comment
Seroquel *rapid cycling, seems to be working for the most part, but I've had a few depressive episodes on it.

The big D              Reply to this Comment
wow i am no doctor or anything but you should definately get some sleep even if it seems impossible maybe you can talk to your doctor and he can give you some medicine to help regulate your sleep paterns and then you can eventually wean your self off of sleeping medicine but if you really cant sleep you should go talk to a professional doctor

local              Reply to this Comment
does anyone know a good site to use to find local therapists who accept you without insurance and possibly charge on a sliding fee scale?

car accident              Reply to this Comment
i have depression from a car accident 4 years ago, how do i get help?

depression              Reply to this Comment
i also have depression and i take effexor xr. It is the only pill for me any ways that makes me feel better and not cry so much. right around my monthly is when its the worst but i just have to up my effexors for about a week or two and i am fine. but each month is different to where maybe my pills arent working but each person is diffent to where they will work for u good luck

Tell authorities about suicidal thoughts?              Reply to this Comment
I have been depressed for quite a while and recent problems have been making it worse. I work for a city government and I'm afraid that if I see a counselor/psychologist and I tell them that I occasionally feel suicidal, it willget back to my employer and I'll be laid off. If I'm laid off, I will kill myself.

Stock portfolio picks              Reply to this Comment
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side effects              Reply to this Comment
remember to be careful with effexor. It was the only drug that worked for me as well. I believe i took about 200 mg. I tried to come off of it feeling confident but it was absolutely terrible coming off of that drug! I couldnt even get myself up out of a chair- terrible. I've known others to have the same problem coming off of it too, so just be careful i guess.


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