Rave Party Abuse: 7-22-05

News article: September 17, 2005
People Claim Abuse.

    Rave parties have been on the public’s mind for quite some time now. In this news article law enforcement officers made about sixty arrests at a rave party, ranging from weapons offenses to disorderly conduct. There are, however, always two sides to the same story.

Partygoers say that law enforcement didn’t follow due process; law enforcement says that the arrests were followed by due process; so now we need to look at what happened at the party.

    To be objective let’s look at what police officers say they found at this canyon party. They claim that there was cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, mushrooms, alcohol, and large amounts of drug paraphernalia. They also found underage girls who seemed to be overdosed on ecstasy. In addition, the permits required for such a gathering were not met.

    Now let’s look at the promoters of the party. They disagreed by saying, “We spent all this money to do things legally and right, and all of a sudden it becomes illegal to do something legal,” said party organizer, Nick Mari. Well this is how it is; the law was broken by the party organizers because all the drugs, underage teens, and other issues were significant to the police becoming involved.

    There should be training and education for the people who promote these parties, they do pay fees for permits and other amenities; proper training should always be considered when planning  parties that include underage kids. While training and education are not a cure all for the many problems facing parties, proper training can improve the understanding of unusual behaviors and provide alternative ways of responding to parties.
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