Lisa Salazar, MA, LMFT, LPC
1414 S. Friendswood Dr.
Friendswood TX,

Lisa Salazar, MA, LMFT, LPC
Primary Focus: Children/Adolescents and Adults
Services Provided: Counseling for the individual, couple, and family
Type of Care: Psychotherapy
Special Programs/Groups:
Forms of Payment Accepted: Self-pay only. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted. $120 for 90 minute initial consultation. $80 for 50 minute subsequent sessions
Payment Assistance: Sliding scale for special circumstances
Special Language Services: English and Spanish
Therapy and Residential Treatment Services Offered
Mental health services Mix of mental health and substance abuse services General health services Adolescents Pregnant/postpartum women Women Spanish Self payment Marriage Counseling Family Counseling

Definitions of Treatment Services
General health services- General health services are those services provided by family practitioners, also known as general practitioners. These doctors are usually the first person a patient goes to see when they have a medical complaint; this is known as primary care.
Mental health services- The surgeon general definition of mental health is: “The successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with adversity; from early childhood until late life, mental health is the springboard of thinking and communication skills, learning, emotional growth, resilience, and self esteem.” Mental health services are any service that helps a person obtain these abilities.
Mix of mental health and substance abuse services- A study done in 2002 found that there were five million adults who had a serious mental illness, and had substance abuse problems. Almost 30 percent of all adults with serious mental health illnesses also use drugs. Other statistics show that 53 percent of substance abusers also have at least one mental illness.
Pregnant/postpartum women- Depression affects millions of pregnant and postpartum women each year, regardless of race, ethnic background, color, or social standing. Recently, controversy over the treatment of these women has come into the forefront but most professionals will admit that the mental illnesses that present themselves during and after pregnancy deserve immediate attention.
Women- Substance abuse among women is different than in men, and most often has multiple contributing factors, such as poverty, psychosocial, mental health, history of abuse and trauma, and involvement in abusive relationships. Because of these numerous factors that need to be addressed to help a woman become drug free, substance abuse centers specifically for women are becoming more prevalent, and existing substance abuse centers are changing their treatment approaches to better help women get rid of their addictions.

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