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Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

To a lay person, the words ?psychologist? and ?psychiatrist? may seem interchangeable. However, this is incorrect. Although many people are not aware of the differences between these two careers, there are stark and tangible differences between them that must be understood to those who are considering a career as a psychologist.

Degree Distinctions
The first, and perhaps most important, difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is the type of degree that each professional holds. In order to become a psychologist, an individual must obtain his or her doctoral degree, which may be a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Psychology (PsyD). A psychiatrist, however, has a degree in medicine, and therefore is a medical professional who has earned his or her MD in psychology. In order to become a psychiatrist, one must complete his undergraduate education, four years of medical school, and an additional four years of residency in a mental health setting.

Common Titles
Psychologists are often referred to as a therapist or counselor. In most circles, these terms are used interchangeably in order to describe the position that most psychologists hold. In most cases, licensed social workers are also professional psychologists, so psychologists can be referred to by many different professional titles. Psychiatrists, on the other hand, are more specialized than psychologists. As such, psychiatrists are rarely referred to as anything other than a doctor or psychiatrist.

Psychologists focus on providing support, therapy, and counseling to patients who are dealing with various types of mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Often, these issues arise due to various life circumstances and can be corrected or otherwise managed using traditional therapy techniques, such as talk therapy or behavioral modification therapy. The issues that are treated by psychologists are not the result of mental health problems. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists treat true, diagnosable mental illnesses. These medical professionals are charged with assessing, evaluating, diagnosing, and treating mental health issues. Common treatment methods may be similar to those used by psychologists, but psychiatrists have the ability to use medical treatments, including prescription medications, in order to treat mental illness in patients.

Counseling For DEPRESSION

The most significant symptom of severe depression is not just the sadness, more than that, it is the feeling of not being able to go on; normal functioning becomes impossible.

There are varying degrees of depression. A major depression will be almost incapacitating in its severity while dysthymia, a chronic, long-term form of depression, though not as crippling and intense as a major depressive episode, will have the effect of taking the edge off life for several years. Whole lives can be lived in this way.

Depression is thought to result from a combination of factors. Biologically there may be an imbalance of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Serotonin and nor-epinephrine are two primary brain messengers that are thought to be influential in the area of moods and emotion. Many anti-depressants today work by addressing imbalances in these brain chemicals.

Provide Therapy through Video Conference

Therapist Unlimited goal is to give clients more options in getting mental health services. Through modern technology this is now possible to provide counseling services for clients over the internet through Video Conference.

We Bill, You Get Paid!

We collect the clients billing details and payments and Pay You Directly. Money is transfered to your account.

Gain new clients

Increase your bookings and billings by providing Video Therapy Services.

You Set the Price

You Control the Price and Terms for Therapy Sessions.

On Your Schedule

Video Therapy sessions are done on your time and schedule.

Communicate Effortlessly with Client

Built in messaging tools to communicate with the client.

Charge for Incoming Connections

Connecting with client is very easy. Simply login, turn video conference on. After that is as easy as doing a phone call.

We verify Certifications and Licenses

We protect Therapist & Clients by verifying Licences and Certifications.

Easy To Use Video Conferencing

Connecting with client is very easy. Simply login, turn video conference on. After that is as easy as doing a phone call.

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